MiniAir 2 – FAQs

MiniAir 2 is a single-path signalling solution that utilises a 4G/LTE-M path to signal an alarm from a protected premises to an ARC. It comes with a standby SIM as a backup to safeguard your system, if the active SIM fails. Both SIMs operate on an independent network from the other for total resilience. ​It is designed for both residential and commercial premises as an affordable upgrade from a digital communicator to secure signalling.


How do I gain access to the MiniAir 2 Installer App?

The MiniAir 2 Installer App can be downloaded from the app store. Login credentials for the app are created upon request.

Important Note: The login credentials will be for a single, company-wide, login.

How can I set my customer on the end-user My Home Alarm App?

The end-user login details for the My Home Alarm App are included in the instructions that come with the MiniAir 2. The App can be downloaded from the App store.

Important Note: Multiple users can use the My Home Alarm App within the same premises. The primary login provided with the MiniAir 2 is a master account and can create more logins for the rest of the premises.

Does MiniAir 2 utilise a roaming 4G SIM?

Yes. The MiniAir 2 is enabled for roaming in 4G and has access to all major networks.

How does the MiniAir 2 interface with my panel?

The MiniAir 2 can be connected using two different methods to your alarm panel:

1. The Dial Capture method. Connects to your alarm panel Digi modem.
2. The Bell Trigger method. This is a single output alarm that can signal a single alarm such as Burglary or Fire alarm etc.

For Installation & Setup guidance, please refer to the quick guide included with your MiniAir 2.

Can I change what alarm is reported for the Bell Trigger?

By default, the Bell Trigger alarm will be set to Burglary alarm. CSL Technical Support Advisors can change this for you.

Can I use the Bell Trigger in conjunction with the Remote Arm/Disarm functionality?

No. Both Bell Trigger and Remote Arm/Disarm utilise the white wire when used. The white wire can only support one or the other, not both.

How do I read the signal strength on my MiniAir 2?

The red LED on the MiniAir 2 can be used to measure the cellular connectivity level and activity.

  Flashing every second = Establishing connection.
  On Solid = Good signal level.
  Flashing every 5 seconds = Low signal level.
  3 Fast flashes = Transferring Data.

What aerial connection type does the MiniAir 2 use?

The aerial connection type on the MiniAir 2 is SMA.