Annual Review

The future of workplace access

Mobile Access and Credentials in Wallet from HID paves the path for seamless and secure mobility

In the wake of digital transformation reshaping workplaces worldwide, enterprises are seeking solutions that provide flexible, multi-location, and hybrid work styles. These include mobile-enabled technologies to reimagine employee access management, catering to remote work conveniences while enhancing security.

HID’s Mobile Access solutions, including their groundbreaking integration with digital wallets, represent a pivotal shift in how individuals navigate modern building environments, offering a glimpse into the future of hybrid workstyles. The award-winning Mobile Access solution is not just convenient; it can be tailored for use in multiple environments – making it ideal for mixed-use or multi-tenant properties. Numerous flagship properties through European capital cities like London, Warsaw, Prague and others have successfully deployed it.

Mobile access through digital wallets simplifies access control to buildings and takes the user experience to new levels. While digital wallets have been around for payment transactions for some time, they are now holding medical prescriptions, travel documents, driver’s licenses, ID cards, insurance information and employee badges.

By having their badges in digital wallets, employees can identify themselves to their employers with their smartphone or smartwatch, and seamlessly access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, parking lots and many other building amenities solely through their smart devices. There is no need to carry physical plastic badges or keycards. To use this simple and digital form of authentication, all businesses need is a mobile-enabled reader such as HID SignoTM.

This streamlined experience enhances user satisfaction and productivity, not to mention reduces plastic consumption. The result is superior user experience, heightened security and streamlined access.

Unlock a world of benefits with HID Mobile Access including:
Enhanced and streamlined security: Biometric authentication, such as facial and fingerprint recognition, adds an extra layer of security to verify the user’s identity. The encryption technologies used in digital wallets ensure the secure storage and transmission of digital credentials.

Frictionless Experience: Thanks to NFC technology, users can access places quickly and safely. It’s as easy and secure as they’re used to contactless payments, ticketing or transit.

Sustainable savings: Adopting HID Mobile Access eliminates the need for producing and distributing physical badges, reducing associated costs such as printing, maintenance, and replacement. This shift to digital credentials also aligns with sustainability goals by reducing plastic waste.

Convenience and Uninterrupted Access: If the user’s mobile device needs a charge, their badge will still work for up to five hours with power reserve/saver mode.

Protection on lost or stolen devices: If the device is lost or stolen the Find My app allows users to lock or locate the lost or stolen device to help locate their device, as well as suspend or remotely erase their badge.

Improved efficiency and scalability: Remote management and updating of credentials are possible through HID Origo cloud platform. The modular, multilayered secure infrastructure is validated by industry-leading certifications and fully committed to via HID’s service level agreements and support. Using Origo’s cloud-connected access control devices, applications, and trusted mobile identities, organizations can enhance security, improve workplace efficiency, and scale their access control infrastructure.

As more mobile use cases arise, their benefits will drive yet more innovation. Employee badges in digital wallets will drive convenience, efficiency, sustainability, and a range of other pluses. This will drive trust, cementing the acceptance of such solutions. They are, quite simply, the future.

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