Hik-Partner Pro – Key benefits

Conduct device configuration and maintenance remotely

With this integrated and intuitive platform, Hikvision partners get notifications about site issues. They can then identify and even resolve them remotely. The power to work remotely reduces on-site visits in daily and weekly operations and saves time and money and results in opportunities for recurring service revenues.

Further extend abilities with pro-skills and tools

The available “how-to” guides will further assist partners’ daily work with installation know-how, while the security tools can also help partners better serve their customers, such as selecting suitable products and making customized quotations for their customers. All in the palm of their hand.

Stay up-to-date with product info and promotions

Hik-Partner Pro continues to demonstrate a full portfolio of Hikvision products and solutions with easy navigation, along with rich marketing handouts for partners to acquire. Partners can also follow various sales promotions on the platform.