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Pelco, a leading provider of predictive video security solutions, offers video surveillance cameras, video management and recording systems, security software, and aligned services. Pelco’s network-based video management systems and the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with other leading video management systems make it an ideal choice for a diversity of applications.

Leading distributor Mayflex has a comprehensive catalogue of Pelco products and integrated solutions. Mayflex has a team of experts to guide you to ensure you choose the right solution. Also, the Pelco Learning Center offers comprehensive training, in-person technical support, advanced capabilities, and customisation of software and hardware that can provide the ideal solution for each vertical market need.

Explore Pelco’s security offering on the Mayflex website. Pelco has the products and solutions to support all customers’ security needs, whether for a single camera install or a complete video surveillance system.

Integrated video security solutions for today’s education demands

Keeping students, staff, visitors and assets safe.
Whether your school has one building or is a large multi-facility campus, school leaders are faced with the same responsibility – to keep students, staff, visitors and assets safe.


Health and Safety First

Solutions to help healthcare providers protect patients, staff and equipment across all facilities.
The unique environment of hospitals and healthcare facilities – comprised of restricted areas, such as infant delivery and operating rooms, high-risk patients and a constant stream of staff, patients and visitors daily – creates an ever-changing threat environment.


Trusted by Governments Globally

Over 60 years of legacy serving government customers.
Protecting citizens and a nation’s property is the highest priority for government agencies. Followed closely by adhering to ever-evolving regulations. Government employees need to ensure compliance with regulatory procedures and document incidents to build evidence accordingly.


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