Annual Review

Hikvision 2-wire HD video intercom system for apartment buildings

Entrance intercoms provide the reassurance of security at the front door, so they’re absolutely central to the protection of flats and apartment buildings

When new, improved technology becomes available, it can be costly and complex to upgrade an intercom system. That can be further complicated by the multitude of different wiring configurations found in multiple-occupancy residential buildings.

Hikvision’s new 2-wire HD Video Intercom System has been designed to overcome this issue, allowing existing wiring infrastructure to be reused, for quick and cost-effective installation. This is applicable to a multitude of wiring topologies and apartment settings, including multi-building or single building or single floor scenarios.

Like other intercom systems, the Hikvision 2-wire HD intercom solution consists of a door station, a video and audio node, a floor shunt, an indoor station, and wiring. But Hikvision’s system can transmit a larger bandwidth over existing wiring infrastructure. This breakthrough allows for clearer images and more efficient control signal transmission, comparable to IP products.

Installers benefit from plug’n’play simplicity: all they need to do is power it on, and utilise the device’s DEC knobs for basic configuration such as room or building number setting. More advanced set-up, like device activation, issuing of entry cards or tokens, and adding personal info, can be done through the installer’s phone, with AP mode on.

The system has been designed with users of all technical capabilities in mind. There’s no need for specialist computer software in resident set-up. They just connect their mobile phones to the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and they can complete all configurations via mobile browser.

Ongoing maintenance is also a breeze. Device connection status can be monitored via mobile app or the system’s floor shunt, and any problems identified and located swiftly. These can then be addressed with the minimum of fuss, saving time and hassle for residents.

For users, the intercom’s 7-inch touch screen provides a tablet-like operating experience. And the Hik-Connect mobile app provides genuine remote control: calls can be received, live video feeds checked, and doors unlocked, from anywhere, at any time. Image quality is outstanding, with 2MP resolution, wide dynamic range (WDR) and low-illumination visibility for backlit or evening calls, and wide angle viewing so all potential visitors can be observed with ease. Users of the 2-wire HD intercom solution always experience crystal-clear video from the door station to the indoor station, providing exceptionally clear outdoor visuals.

With exceptional image quality, intuitive controls, seamless installation, and effortless maintenance, Hikvision’s 2-wire HD Video Intercom System is the ideal choice for owners and renters alike in multi-occupancy buildings.


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