Annual Review

Opening up installer markets with RISCO’s LightSYS+ integrations

2023 has seen the continued expansion of RISCO’s portfolio of integrated professional cloud-based solutions, providing security contractors with the opportunity to grow their markets via the cost-effective installation of high quality, easy to use systems

RISCO was the first company to introduce cloud-based security to the UK and Ireland intruder market, and central to the product range of the pioneering manufacturer and distributor of professional security solutions is LightSYS+, the company’s flagship scalable hybrid intruder alarm system.

Suitable for projects ranging from residential to large, multi-site commercial and industrial contracts including Grade 3 installations, LightSYS+ enables installers to broaden their market reach to include some of the most interesting – and lucrative – commissions available.
A PSI magazine Premier Award Intruder Alarm Product of the Year winner, LightSYS+ was designed to deliver significant time and cost savings to installers. The solution is backwards compatible, enabling contractors to quickly upgrade legacy systems. It may also be easily expanded to include up to 512 zones. The product includes onboard IP and Wi-Fi, ensuring continual connection to the RISCO Cloud platform, allowing remote configuration.

Since the launch of LightSYS+ in early 2022, RISCO has created a series of integrated solutions to promote installer entry into two rapidly expanding market sectors: smart automation and access control. Both integrations preclude the complexity of combining standalone systems, facilitating quicker, easier and cost-effective installation and the maintenance of healthy margins, even in the face of tight customer budgets as the cost-of-living crisis persists. They also allow installers to carry only a relatively small amount of stock and to train their engineers in the fitting of just one product.

The latest LightSYS+ integration is the RisControl Controller for Alarm and Smart Automation. The solution was created in response to the expansion of the smart automation market, which is expected to grow by 20% between 2021 and 2028 ((

RisControl may be easily integrated with up to 200 of the customer’s existing Z-Wave automation devices irrespective of brand in as many as 32 rooms. It incurs only a relatively small additional investment to that of a standalone system, enabling installers to provide end users with an affordable professional solution that protects against cybersecurity threats and meets insurance criteria comprehensively, unlike many DIY solutions.

RisControl Controller for Alarm and Smart Automation combines convenience and energy-efficiency with an enhanced level of security, providing a higher degree of proactive protection than autonomous security solutions. Users may create event rules – for example where exterior lights are activated by intruder detection – so deterring trespassers from breaking into a property. They may also preconfigure integrated scenes without risk of human error: when occupiers vacate a building, doors lock, automatically and shutters close. Time-scheduled rules can be created, with lights programmed to switch on at specific times to give the impression of occupation.

Users can easily manage security, video and smart automation remotely from a single control panel and via app, and the solution features Alexa integration.

The launch of the new smart automation integration follows that of LightSYS+ Access Control in late 2022, which enabled installers to expand their businesses into the high-end residential and large-scale commercial sectors – including those in the office, logistics, retail, hospitality and manufacturing industries – where access control is increasingly stipulated.

Another backwards compatible solution, the integrated alarm, access control and video verification system provides end users with an economical alternative to projects involving up to 32 doors, for which separate access control and intruder alarm systems are unnecessarily expensive, providing excessive levels of functionality.

Both RisControl Controller for Alarm and Smart Automation and LightSYS+ Access Control integrate with LightSYS+ via RISCO Bus. The most flexible wiring topology on the market enables devices to be simply wired in a single-line “daisy chain” protocol, instead of or in addition to a traditional “star” layout, minimising the length of cabling and quantity of zone expanders required. RISCO customers have made time and material savings of up to 75% on projects incorporating Bus.

Said RISCO’s UK and Ireland managing director, Mark Taylor: “RISCO is committed to catering for the evolving requirements of installers – including professional and accredited contractors – and their clients, and the LightSYS+ portfolio of integrated, cloud-based solutions have all been developed in response to direct communication with our customers.

“The products are helping installers to revolutionise their businesses, granting them access to new markets via the cost-effective installation of high quality professional solutions that make homes and organisations safer, simpler and more energy-efficient, whilst maintaining the most stringent levels of security available.”

RISCO provides installers with a strong range of support services, including UK-based technical assistance, a comprehensive programme of training events, webinars and videos designed in response to customer requirements, and the RISCO Stars incentives scheme. A concise product portfolio facilitates security of supply and next-day delivery of orders placed online or by phone. RISCO solutions are available directly and via ADI Global Distribution.


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